Was Romeo really in love with Juliet or was he just using her to get over Rosaline?

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cbetances eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I agree with the previous answer that was given, however, there is more to be considered here. Juliet is only 13 years old and Romeo himself not much older. In the simplest form, Romeo believes he is in love with Juliet but this comes rather quickly.

The play takes place over 5 days and during Act I, Romeo professes his love, not for Juliet, but for Rosseline. He is depressed and his parents, Mercutio and Benvolio worry that he is being moody and too romantic. Rosseline cannot be with Romeo since she has sworn an oath of chastity. It is Mercutio who suggests crashing the Capulet party and it is there that Romeo sees Juliet and "falls" in love with her. In reality, he has only seen her for a few minutes and can not possibly know anything about her. In Act II scene ii on the balcony, Romeo professes his "love" for Juliet after knowing her only a few hours.

So, does Romeo really love Juliet? The answer is that he thinks he is. Is that enough? That is where Shakespeare leaves it open to interpretation by the viewer/reader.

writergal06 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Romeo was really in love with Juliet. When he sees her, he says, "Did my heart love til now," signifying the depth of his love. Part of the character of Romeo is his impetuousness. He commits to something before he really thinks it through, but that doesn't lessen the truth of his commitment. Friar Lawerence has similarly feelings about Romeo's feelings, but Romeo is able to effectively convince him of the true depth of his love for Juliet.

caridad | Student

I feel like Romeo thought he loved Juliet just as he thought he loved Rosaline. He can't fall out of love that quick, because he said he would die for Rosaline. He's just confused.

crystal-marie | Student

Romeo was deeply inlove with Juliet because when he sees he he says that his heart didnt love till that very moment like he hasnt loved anyone else. Not even the girl before Juliet.


wr14 | Student

he was deeply in love with Juliet

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