Is Rama Setu, or Rama's Bridge, a causeway or a dam or a bridge?From reading of Valmiki and Tulsi das there seems to be some inconsistency.

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linda-allen eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I did a search and found several web sites dedicated to the Ram Setu, or Bridge of Setu. I've pasted a few of the links in the sources section below.

According to, the Rama Setu is not a bridge but a causeway:

an amazing structure in the Indian Ocean, a continuous 48 km long stretch of underwater causeway, which connects Rameshwaram, the southern-eastern tip of the Indian peninsula, to Talaimannar, the northern-western tip of Sri Lanka.

According to, "Unlike the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, Rama Setu is always referred to as a ‘bridge’. ‘Setu’ itself means a man-made bund in all bharatiya languages."

Literally, the structure is a causeway, which is an elevated strip of land within a body of water. Traditionally, however, the people refer to it as a bridge. So, you could say that the Rama Setu is both a bridge and a causeway.

vrbbab | Student

Is that really the bridge ?

There are several points that say, it may not be.

Hanuman's, 400 miles, jump into the ocean, would land right up into the indonesian ring of fire to a Lanka.

Several Tsunamis could have taken the bridge under water.

Rama Sethu bridge is a new name for a coral reef caused by movement of plates between the current lanka and indian country.