Was Mrs Wright justified in taking Mr Wrights life? give examples.

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"Justified" is a key word here. Is murder ever "justified"? If by "justified" we mean that is is OK, that it is right, I don't think the answer can be "yes." Is it "understandable"? Yes. Another key word is "murder." Did Mrs. Wright "murder" her husband or did she "take his life"? We don't really know. It appears that she strangled him while he slept, in the same way that he apparently strangled her little pet bird. It also appears that he was an abuser. But did she "murder" him? Was it pre-meditated? We don't know. She killed him while he slept, so it looks like she planned it. If it had appeared she had killed him in self defense, to protect herself, the situation would have been different. And then, she was a woman, not as strong as her husband most likely, so perhaps the only way she was able to rid herself of her abusive husband was to do it while he was asleep. A classic battered-wife scenario? Of course, we don't have any evidence as to the extent of his cruelty -- it is just intimated in the play. So........lots to think about. What is your view? Did she "murder" him or "take his life" as you say? There is a big difference legally - it's a matter of degrees. In my view, I say his death was understandable, but not justified. I am sure other teachers will have a different view, so you can compare and contrast our answers and see what YOU think. You can read about it here on eNotes.

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