What are some examples of Lyddie being determined in the book Lyddie in Chapters 1 to 8?  

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Lyddie is independent and hard-working no matter what the challenge.

To say that a person is determined means that the person does not give up.  Lyddie definitely does not give up.  She faces challenge after challenge, and never backs down.  This is how she is able to go from living on the farm on her own to working in a factory.

Lyddie’s father left the farm in order to try to make money out west.  It was devastating to their mother.  She turned in on herself, and left Lyddie to manage the farm on her own.  Lyddie became the only adult in the family.  This was a challenge that she faced head on.  A perfect example of Lyddie’s bravery and stubbornness is when a bear came into their house.

Lyddie glared straight into the bear's eyes, daring him to step forward into the cabin. (Ch. 1)

This is a girl who not even back down from a bear!  She reacted calmly and coolly to the situation, immediately ordering her mother and siblings into the loft and then staring the bear down.

Lyddie also holds her own on the family farm after her mother leaves.  Her mother simply can’t handle life, and so she goes to Lily’s uncle and leaves her and her brother Charles behind to deal with the farm.  Lyddie can handle it though.  She keeps herself and her brother alive.

The fact that it is important to Lyddie to do things by herself is evident from the conversation with her brother about asking their neighbor for help.

He should know she was not going to be beholden to the neighbors for anything so trivial as her own comfort. (Ch. 1)

Lyddie is determined to never be beholden to anyone.  She does not want to have to rely on others and insists on doing everything herself.  She takes on the family debt single-handedly, believing that it is her responsibility and not her brother’s or her mother’s.

Lyddie likes to say, “we can still hop.”  She is an optimist in some ways and a realist in others.  No matter what happens, she takes things as they come.  She works hard at the tavern, but when she gets fired she finds another job at a factory.  No matter what happens, Lyddie always keeps going.

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