Was justice served in "A Jury of Her Peers"?

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Because the murderer will likely not go to prison or be convicted of her crime, you can say that justice is not served. However, the characters in the story and the author seem to feel that Minnie Foster Wright's murder of her husband was justified.

When the story opens, we know that Mr. Wright was murdered in the home, and his wife is at the jail. The sheriff and a neighbor come to investigate the crime scene while their wives, Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale, are tasked with collecting some items for Mrs. Wright. The men investigate the scene in a traditional manner and are unable to solve the crime or find a motive. The women, on the other hand, through their domestic observations, manage to discover Minnie Wright's motive. After seeing that Mrs. Wright abandoned her kitchen work and messed up her stitching, the women infer that she was disturbed by something. Later, when looking for sewing supplies, they find that the bird cage is damaged and that the bird is missing; it is eventually...

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