Was the Industrial Revolution good or bad for America?

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The Industrial Revolution was overall good for the United States. Our willingness and capacity to invest in factories and state-of-the-art equipment made the United States a wealthy and prosperous country. In fact, it led to us becoming the largest economy in the world and a very powerful nation in the twentieth century. It also improved life for the average person and allowed many ordinary people to enter the middle class.

The United States is a resource rich country, which means we didn't have to take the path of industrialism. We could have done what often happens in Africa, which is for a small elite running the country to sell our natural resources to other countries, then use the money to buy luxury good for themselves. This has been called the curse of resources. This reliance on selling resources leaves the bulk of the population in poverty.

The Industrial Revolution was not without its problems. Until labor law and government policy caught up with the realities of the industrial...

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