Was Ho Chi Minh more of a socialist, moderate liberal, reactionary, communist, progressive, conservative or fascist?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that it can be argued that Ho Chi Minh was a Communist, carved out of his anti- colonial stance.  From an early age, Ho Chi Minh believed colonialism to be an extension of capitalism.  In his studies in Paris as a youth, Ho Chi Minh recognized that the capitalist excesses and abuses were motivating and colluding with the colonial control of his own country and the entire region, in general.  When Ho Chi Minh argues that French control of Indochina was one where indigenous farmers performed all of the work and saw their profits taken by the French imperialist, he examines this dialectic as a Communist one, whereby capitalism and the coveting of profit becomes the basis for abuse.  Ho Chi Minh liked Lenin's idea of an international federation of Communist societies to both help make profits public and to ensure a liberation for the Indochina region would be evident.  Ho Chi Minh understood that political liberation of indigenous nations would only be possible when there was a massive transformation of the economic system that perpetuated the condition of a Western nation controlling nations in other parts of the world.  In this, I think he would have to be considered a believer in Communism.

zeamandaconda | Student

The person who answered first is very detailed and correct! When Ho Chi Minh settled in Paris (1917), he read books by Karl Marx and other left-wing people. Because of that, he became convened to communism. In 1920, he became part of the French Communist Party.