Was Heatcliff's revenge justified? weathering heights question? Please could you write accuratly cause i really need this!

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Ultimately it is the reader who has to decide whether Heathcliff would fit the example of a Byronic hero in order to make the final decision on whether he is to be "forgiven" and understood, or not.

In this case, Heathcliff does fit the Byronic hero profile in that he a) went through enough suffering for the reader to connect with the character, b) has a nearly-supernatural ability to make an impression (for example, Heathcliff was "found" and treated better than the own children of his adoptive father  c) he is a victim (he received the worst beatings and treatment from his father's real children, and was treated like trash).

Therefore, the reader can almost feel sorry for Heathcliff and decide for themselves that he was indeed justifiably angry to want a revenge.

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