I have heard that man evolved from a whale or other sea organism. Is it true???

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The most common theories of evolution hold that all creatures that now live on land evolved from sea creatures.  But that does not mean taht human beings are descended from whales or any other kind of organism that is living in the sea today.  Instead, it means that humans and sea creatures have common ancestors.

Evolutionary theories argue that all life began in the seas.  So at one time, the only forms of life on Earth were sea creatures.  Eventually, some of these organisms adapted to life on land.  Clearly, this took place a very long time ago.  We see this because terrestrial life forms are so varied -- they have clearly had a very long time in which to evolve.

lynn30k eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In addition to pohnpei's answer, not only are humans not descended from whales, but whales and other mammals that live in the sea are descended from fur-bearing land creatures. In other words, after the original living things evolved on earth in the seas, some moved to the land. Whales then once again became sea animals long after this. Evidence is seen in both physiology and biochemistry; the flippers of whales, for instance, contain bones that show that their ancestors had leg bones. See the links I attached for both more info, and pictures/diagrams.

summertime222 | Student

No, it is not true, because evolution is a lie. Don't believe it.

learningissmart | Student

No, it is not true. God made all humans and animals separately. I hope you will believe this. Because it is true. Read the Bible. You will see. :) Genesis 1:1

andrew4president | Student

yes it is true according to CHARLES DARWIN in his book the origin of species. He was a doctor and travelled all over the world gaining knowledge that he used to make his theory so it may be true. however you should remember that it is only a theory so you can decided what to think.

lit24 | Student

Charles Darwin (1809-92) in his "Origin of Species (1859)" proposed that human beings and apes descended from a common ape like ancestor which lived millions of years ago. However, the theory of man's evolution continues to be modified as new findings are discovered and the old ideas are discarded.

Another very popular theory regarding life on planet earth is the theory of the 'Primordial Soup' which hypothesizes that life began in a pond or an ocean as a consequence of the combination of chemicals and solar energy to produce the first building blocks of life. This theory is supported by the discovery of hot vents on the ocean floor where fissures allow the ocean water to be heated by the mantle of the earth's core.

These are just two of the several theories concerning the origin of life and the evolution of man. The problem with these theories is that they are only theories and can never be proved to be true.