Was Hamlet considered a Saviour or not?

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The term Savior in capital letters suggests a Christ-like figure devoted to the cause of saving souls from damnation and defending the weak, innocent, and downtrodden. Hamlet is none of these things.

William Shakespeare's Hamlet is a revenge tragedy and its protagonist concerned mainly with getting vengeance for a perceived wrong, and with self-preservation to the degree that it will facilitate that vengeance.

He is not plotting to kill Claudius because (the minor question of fratricide aside) he is a bad king; in fact, we are not really presented any evidence in the play concerning the respective qualities of Hamlet's father and Claudius as rulers in terms of matters such as charity to the poor and fairness in legal disputes. Nor is Hamlet concerned with the well-being of Ophelia, to whom he behaves with a degree or cruelty.


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