In Animal Farm, was it a good idea for the animals to chase the humans away from the farm?

Expert Answers
durbanville eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Although Animal Farm is a story about animals, it takes its context from the Russian Revolution when the Tsar was overthrown (1917). It is

a twentieth-century fable that could be read as an entertaining story about animals or, on a deeper level, a savage attack on the misuse of political power.

So, from the point of view of a story, there may have been other, preferable  solutions as chasing the humans away just removed one manipulative element only to replace it with another.  Whilst Snowball's intentions may have been honorable, Napoleon never had any intention of creating a fair and just society.

Old Major inspires the animals to action and the dream of an idyllic life. The rally "Beasts of England" gives them hope and courage. Life under Mr Jones is ultimately unbearable and his drunkenness - and even forgetting to feed them-  is the last straw. Even at this point however, there has been a discussion about the inclusion of wild animals such as rats and rabbits - surely there should be no dispute as  "All animals are comrades."

It could have been a good idea to chase the humans off the farm if Snowball could have led the animals. His passion and fervour, unfortunately, were not enough of a match for Napoleon's brute force and Orwell's aim was to make the reader understand that, even if this had not been a parallel to the Russian Revolution, it is power itself that corrupts and so failure was assured.