What is the setting of "Hatchet"?

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Brian is a young boy in "Hatchet." "The central character, thirteen-year-old Brian Robeson (whose name echoes his literary ancestry), is stranded alone at a lake deep in the Canadian wilderness for fifty-four days."  His mother is sending him to live with his father because she has a new life planned.  Brian has seen his mother "kiss another man" before she and Brian's father were divorced.  The first three chapters take place in a plane headed Northwest.  The biggest portion of the novel takes place somewhere in the North-western wilderness of Canada.  Brian brings the plane down in a lake, but he has flown off course so no one really knows where he is.  He is alive, injured and alone in the wilderness of Canada.  If it had been winter Brian probably would have died.  But it isn't winter and "the lake is lovely to look at and abounds with aquatic life. It is surrounded by dense green forest that covers hilly terrain; it teems with a variety of birds and animals. Paulsen's wilderness is a realistic one filled with both the beauty of a sunset tinting lake waters golden and the agony of relentless swarms of hungry mosquitoes."

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A major literary element in Hatchet is the setting which takes place in the Canadian wilderness. Brian, the protagonist, is forced to call upon his survival instincts when the pilot of a two-seater airplane has a heart-attack and he must not only land the plane, but surmount the many challenges he faces after he crash lands it in the wilderness. The setting, or the wilderness, becomes the antagonist in the novel, as Brian is forced to call upon his inner-strength and resilience to survive the forces of nature. 

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The setting of hatcher is mostly in the North Candian Woods he was on the way to his father house since his parents were divorced but the plane crashed in the Northanadian Woods.

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