Was Genghis Khan good or evil?

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Genghis Khan was the founder of the Mongol Empire that united many tribes of Northeast Asia that went on to conquer Eurasia.

In his conquests, he perpetrated some of the worst atrocities against the people he fought, which included massacres of entire civilian populations. His campaigns were marked by an extreme brutality that resulted in millions of deaths and the displacement of large groups of people.

However, he remained a meritocratic ruler and studied different religions. He allowed people to practice their religions and allowed diversity within his administration. His leadership ensured the continued growth of the Mongol Empire. He is also credited with the unity he forged among the different North Asian tribes. His efforts ensured stability in the religion and helped secure the Silk Road, which was essential for trade and communication.

Use these facts to evaluate whether you think Genghis Khan was good or evil.

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