Was Gatsby's main goal in life to become rich or to win Daisy?He is a self made man, but I'm not sure if he created that man because of his meeting Dan Cody, or because of Daisy.

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Gatsby worked hard to create his wealth and his persona.  He did all this to get closer to Daisy.  He knew Daisy would never accept him as a poor man.  She was wealthy and married a wealthy man.  She could never leave her husband for less.  She certainly wasn't the type of woman to fall in love with a poor man.  Gatsby did many of the things he did in order to get to Daisy.  The best evidence of this might be his wild parties.  We know from the beginning that Gatsby throws extravagant parties in the hopes that Daisy will wander in.  He is finally reintroduced to her and the novel begins to spin around the relationship between Gatsby and Daisy.  We see Gatsby standing in his yard just to look at her dock light across the water.  Gatsby gained his wealth and bought his house just to be near her.  He creates the elabortate lies about his past to impress her.  Almost everything Gatsby does is for Daisy.


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I think that Gatsby really did have aspirations of being rich but they were fuelled by the image of Daisy. Everything he had done was to impress her, to win her back. Throwing parties, becoming rich, but also taking the blame for Myrtle's accident. All these examples line up to prove that he would put everything on the line for her.

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Gatsby wanted wealth and sophistication from his early youth. Later on he met Daisy and to Gatsby she was perfect she had everything he wanted; she had the aura of charm, wealth, sophistication, aristocarcy and grace. Gatsby made lots of money, bought a huge mansion and threw lavish parties just to win Daisy back. In my opinion, Gatsby's main goal in life was to become rich after doing this he focused on getting Daisy back so that wasn't his main goal.