Was Edward with Alice in the past?like was she his human...like bella is now?

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dswain001 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Absolutely not. There has never been any romantic relationship between Edward and either sister. Unlike the rest of the Cullens, Carlisle did not turn Alice or Jasper. When they joined the family, they had already been turned. In fact, no one really knows how Alice came to be a vampire. We know that she has always had the gift of premonition, which is why she was in an asylum in her human life. Initially, Carlisle had hoped that Rosalie would be a partner for Edward. But, there was no romantic chemistry between the two. The relationship became more like that of siblings than lovers. Until Bella, Edward had no interest whatsoever in love or a relationship. He had accepted that he would live out eternity never knowing what it was to love someone.

zumba96 | Student

No Edward usually rejected everyone he came across and thought of as cold when he talks to girls. Alice and Rosalie are his sisters in the family made my Carlisle and he thinks of them as so. Also Jasper came kind of as a package deal with Alice and it would be much different if Alice were human. 

udonbutterfly | Student

No, nothing along that line has ever happened. Edward is usually known for going through his life rejecting any and all women. Edwards even known for being very cold especially towards girls but a little less so towards his adopted sisters, Rosalie and Alice, and the women in the Danli clan. This notion changes when Bella comes into his life. Also when Alice was presented to the family she came in two with Jasper already stuck to her side. If Alice was ever Edward's human there wouldn't be much confusion on the life she lead before she was changed and what vampire changed her.

vampiric | Student

Actually Carlise intended Rosalie to be his romantic love but she and Edward just didnt "click" like Carlise hoped

no he didnt even know her until he came home one day and she was there.

no alice and edward only met when Edward came home to Carlisle and Esme. Alice had seen a vision of the cullens and came to find them with jasper.

bellacullen11 | Student

jadenoconnel did you read the books?

Bella and alice love each other just like sisters, and alice loves only jasper romanticly, alice never even knew edward until after she was "with" jasper. Edward has never had any romantic interest besides bella

a44567 | Student

noooooo way alice loves jasper not edward

jadenoconnel | Student

yes alice went out with edward!!! AND alice does not like bella :(