Was Dickens aware of Les Miserables when he wrote A Tale of Two Cities?

iklan100 | Student

Hugo published ''Les Miserables'' in France in 1862; and ''A Tale of Two Cities'' had already been published in book form in 1859, three years before, and won popular fame in Europe and North America. It is thus more likely that Hugo had earlier read Dickens's work and, possibly, any 'commonality' felt, is the latter's indirect influence on the former.

It is also said by some scholars that, initially, Hugo had begun writing ''Les Miserables'' in 1843-- but his daughter died that year, when she drowned along with her husband. Hugo was har broken and stopped writing the work, abandoning it for what he felt was 'forever'. Luckily fo us, today, sometime in 1859-60, it is presumed that he was somehow 're inspired' to take up his abandoned work, again, with extensive revisions; and when it ws publishd and then translated, it brought him great fame, too, both in France and abroad.

ifti220 | Student

Ha! This is in fact a question of history rather than literature

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