Was the Cold War caused by the Soviet Union's desire for domination of Eastern Europe? I'm trying to write a speech giving reasons for and against this statement.

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No, the Cold War was not caused by the Soviet Union's desire to dominate Eastern Europe. That was already a fait accompli. The Soviets had resisted the German invasion courageously and brilliantly. They had pushed the Germans all the way back to Berlin and occupied all of Eastern Europe. Because they had built such a powerful military force, they wanted to pursue the Marxist-Leninist goal of spreading Communism throughout the entire world. No country had the power or the will to resist this except the United States. The Soviets assisted Mao Tsesung in overthrowing the Chinese Nationalists. The Chinese Communists then began formenting revolution in Korea and elsewhere in Asia. The Soviets aided and abetted Castro in the Cuban Revolution. They had agents all over the world trying to create uprisings against colonial governments and ancient monarchical governments. It looked as if world communism directed by Moscow was a real possibility. The     U.S. took the responsibility for "containment" and the preservation of democracy and capitalism. The Soviets and the Americans were both afraid to engage in war against each other, mainly because both had atomic weapons that could have destroyed civilization; but they opposed each other in numerous little conflicts all over the world. One of these led to the Cuban Missile Crisis, which could have resulted in an atomic holocaust. The United States was in no position to engage in a land war to liberate the so-called Iron Curtain countries of Eastern Europe. The Cold War involved a much bigger area than that.

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