Was Austria justified in giving the ultimatum to Serbia before WWI?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

No, the Austrians were not justified.  At least, they were not justified in giving that particular ultimatum with those particular terms.  The ultimatum showed that what they really wanted was war.

The part of the ultimatum that was so unacceptable was one that required Serbia to allow Austrians come into their country and conduct the investigation of the assassination of the Archduke.  There was no way that Serbia could allow an enemy country to have that kind of power.  It would simply be too humiliating and it would be a loss of Serbian independence.

Because Austria made such unacceptable demands, they were not justified in giving that particular ultimatum to Serbia.

latennista | Student

in response to pohnpei397: i agree; i think that by issuing the ultimatum, whatever happened (whether serbia agreed to the demands or not) war would have broken out eventually.

x-sumit-x | Student

no they were not :)

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