I was assigned to develop a comic strip using the essence of the poem "The Frog and The Nightingale," but not the same story.Any ideas would be great.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

More detail is probably going to have to be given on "not the same story."  How much can you keep?  How much needs to be different?  Since only you know or can know this answer, I think that this has to guide you.  In the broadest of sense, I think that you want to depict two characters.  One character understands that his place in a particular setting is one whereby there are no other choices.  Something to the extent that the character's acceptance is because of the lack of choices or competition.  The other character that enters your setting should be one who possesses talent, but is so consumed with perfecting their craft that they do not recognize how they can be manipulated by another.  The much acclaimed film, Black Swan, about the competition in ballet could be a type of backdrop that you can use to manipulate the character dynamics in Seth's poem.  If you have seen the film, this might be a very interesting backdrop in which you can create a comic strip that has the essence of Seth's poem, but is different in terms of story.  I think that ensuring you have the basic elements of this dynamic down is critical.  Then, you can apply it to any realm where talent, appreciation, and manipulation can sometimes go hand in hand.