The Diary of a Young Girl Questions and Answers
by Anne Frank

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Was Anne Frank bisexual or was she just confused becasue of the situation she was in?

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Being bisexual means having sexual and romantic thoughts about more than one gender. Sexuality is not something that needs to be true for someone's entire life in order to be valid or true. For instance, someone can identify as heterosexual for most of their life and then develop attractions that are not heterosexual and then begin to identify as bisexual or as gay. This does not mean that they were always gay or bisexual, however. Models of sexuality as a static thing often do not align with people's internal experiences.

Attempting to explain away non-heterosexual attraction because of environmental factors is disrespectful to the complexity of experiences people have with their sexuality. Bisexual people are especially likely to have their experiences dismissed as "confusion" or to be required to prove their bisexuality, but these are clear manifestations of heterosexual supremacy, as straight people never have their attraction questioned in these ways. Anne Frank clearly experienced bisexual attraction and expresses such clearly in her diary, and it is unreasonable to dismiss this as evidence of her bisexuality because of her age or experience.

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This isn't really a question anyone can authoritatively answer about another person, particularly not somebody who, sadly, never reached adulthood and whose teenage diary is the only thing we have to go on. I don't know that Anne's particular situation—of being in fear for her life and hiding from the Nazis in an attic—would have made her any more likely to think about women in a sexual way. I do think it's likely that many young people of her age...

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pfree | Student

Never mind i just figured it out (using my brain) that anne frank was unsure at the time because she does metion in the diary of how she goes into ectasy when she sees the naked figure of a womens body and how she loves to fell on her breast and how she wants to feel her friends breast and also how she wanted to kiss her friend(a girl) and she did. The only thing she could do was wonder example: i wonder what it will be like if i kill some one you noe but she didnt noe what to do she was at a stage of unsureness and was trying to find herself

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