Was Anne Frank bisexual or was she just confused becasue of the situation she was in?

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The limitations of social interaction befallen upon Anne, before and during her captivity, leave Anne with many questions regarding the different feelings and sensations that she experiences despite her need to justify them in her diary.  She is unaware of how to classify or even react to the growing sexual awareness that was inevitable.  Her hormones dictate some of her writing in this part of the novel and she is struggling to validate how she feels emotionally and socially.  Sexual awareness for a girl, even in the most "normal" of circumstances, is difficult to deal with.  Anne has to deal with her "growing up" with a perspective skewed by captivity.

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Never mind i just figured it out (using my brain) that anne frank was unsure at the time because she does metion in the diary of how she goes into ectasy when she sees the naked figure of a womens body and how she loves to fell on her breast and how she wants to feel her friends breast and also how she wanted to kiss her friend(a girl) and she did. The only thing she could do was wonder example: i wonder what it will be like if i kill some one you noe but she didnt noe what to do she was at a stage of unsureness and was trying to find herself

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