Andrew Jackson's Presidency

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Was Andrew Jackson similar to Thomas Jefferson or Alexander Hamilton?

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Jackson was far more similar to Thomas Jefferson (who actually disliked and distrusted him) than Alexander Hamilton. Like Jefferson, Jackson had a vision for the United States that emphasized white landowners, or, as it is often portrayed in textbooks, the "common man." Jackson, like Jefferson, promoted widespread suffrage, and many states removed property restrictions for voting during his time. He promoted expansion, and made the removal of Native peoples central to his presidency. He championed the cause of the "common man" in his so-called "bank war," vetoing and "killing" the Second Bank of the United States out of a belief that it benefitted the wealthy at the expense of ordinary Americans.

He also opposed the program of public works funded by the national government. Jefferson favored what he described as "small" government, encouraged western expansion, and was most popular among the small landholders who benefited from the relaxation of voting requirements. Hamilton,...

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