Was Adolf Hitler elected?I have some information that says he was elected democratically, but it needs to be confirmed. Does anyone know?

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Although Hitler initially came to power through legal means, he was never personally elected in a democratic election. During the 1930s, the previously unheard of Nazi party had made great gains in the German Riechstag, finally winning a close majority of Reichstag seats with 33% in 1932. Hitler initially came to power as German Chancellor by appointment from German President Paul Von Hindenburg. Hitler had run for the office of President as a representative of the growing Nazi Party and had won 30% of the vote, forcing a runoff election. In order to increase the strength of his government, Von Hindenburg offered Hitler the position of Chancellor. Once he had the position as Chancellor, Hitler felt he was playing a waiting game. Von Hindenburg was in poor health. He died on August 2, 1934. Within hours, Hitler had made an announcement that he was combining the offices of President and Chancellor. This was illegal but no one complained. At this point, Hitler took complete control of the German government and soon appointed himself as Fuhrer of the German people. Check the links below for more detailed information.

revolution | Student

Well, Hitler after being jailed, realised that he could not take power by force, so he decided to use legal means to garner support. He concentrated on reorganising his party so that he could win power through elections. he set branches of the Party in Germany, created a youth movement to get support of the youth, and arranged large public movements to attract new members. But, he was never at once democratically elected as a President.

At first, during the 1928 Elections, the Nazi Party was pretty well unheard of, only winning less than 3 per cent of the votes. In July 1932 elections, the Nazis  won 37.3 per cent of the votes and became the party with the most number of seats in the Reichstag.

He came to power during 30 January 1933, when Hitler was appointed Chancellor by the President von Hindernburg. Within months, he ended Weimar government and started the Third Reiich (Empire). On 2 August 1914, the frail and old President died. Instead for calling up new elections for the post as Presdient of Germany, he forced his way through and took control of Germany as President, in addition to becoming Chancellor of germany too. Despite being illegal to have two positions at the same time, everyone could only watch in silence. He has now unlimited power and there was no one powerful enough to stop him right now. He had become the Fuhrer or supreme leader of Germany. Every soldier in the Army and official corps had to take a oath of allegiance towards him. Now, no more Weimar, only a solo dictatorship of one leader, one party. Hitler now controls the whole of Germany.

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