The First Great Awakening

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Was a religious "Great Awakening" fully achieved and successfully institutionalized in New England? What about outside of New England?

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The Great Awakening was indeed fully achieved and institutionalized in New England and elsewhere in the thirteen American colonies.

After the Great Awakening, religious life in America was never the same again. With the rebirth of a much more informal and less ritualistic form of worship, new Protestant denominations such as Methodists and Baptists began to take root, especially in the South.

In New England, the new religious spirit ushered in by the Great Awakening was institutionalized in a number of colleges, seminaries, and religious societies. They helped to ensure that the teachings of Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield could be studied and disseminated widely.

In the southern colonies, the Great Awakening found institutional expression in organizations such as the Sandy Creek Baptist Association in North Carolina, which became the epicenter of a major revival that soon spread beyond the state's boundaries and into neighboring territories.

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