I am about to teach Wartime Lies.  What would be a good writing prompt about lying and identity to read before tackling this novel. 

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mrkirschner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Here are some potential writing prompts that may act as an anticipatory activity for the teaching of Wartime Lies: 

  • Under what circumstances would you find it acceptable to lie about your identity?  What would the result or goal of this lie be?
  • Have you ever met somebody that acts a certain way in front of one group of people, but acts completely different in the company of others? What do you think their motivation is for doing this?  Is it successful?
  • Can you think of a segment of our population that would lie about their identity in order to be safe?  How about a group that would misrepresent themselves to achieve success?  Do you think it is appropriate for this group to be disingenuous?  Why does this group fake their identity?
  • Have you ever acted like somebody that you are not?  Why did you perpetrate this false persona?  Did you achieve your goals?  How did it make you feel afterward?

Hopefully one of these prompts will fit your needs. 

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