The war on terrorism might be the most difficult war we ever fought. Comment!

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There is certainly something to be said for this point of view, but there is also a very great deal to be said against it.

For this point of view, we can point out that this is a war that looks to be very difficult to win.  It is one that cannot be won by military force alone.  It is one in which we have a tremendously difficult task since we have to convince the people of the Muslim world that we are not their enemy.  It is a war that is not likely to be won in a generation.

However, we have had other wars that could well claim to have been more difficult.

For example, we can certainly say World War II was more difficult.  This was a war in which 418,000 Americans were killed.  The idea that we will lose 418,000 American lives in the war on terrorism is preposterous.  Thus, we can say that claiming that the war on terror is more difficult than WWII borders on being disrespectful to the generation that fought that war.

As another example, we can say Vietnam was harder.  This war, much like the war on terror, was one that could not be won by military force alone.  It was one in which we had to “win the hearts and minds” of our enemies.  In addition, we lost 58,000 American lives in that war, another figure which we will never come close to matching in the war on terror.

Thus, the war on terror is sure to be hard to win, but it might be an exaggeration to call it the hardest we have ever fought.

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