For the War Powers Act of 1973, were any new problems created that caused other things to happen?like what happened cause of the act. positive and negative. cost and benefits

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enotechris eNotes educator| Certified Educator

By Constitutional standards, only Congress has the power to declare war.  Although not formal declarations of war, military involvement instituted by Harry Truman in Korea in the 1950's and involvement again by Lyndon Johnson in Vietnam in the 1960's posed the question of who controlled the military -- the president or Congress. To limit what it termed "Presidential Wars," Congress passed the War Powers Act of 1973 in an attempt to assert its authority over the president. Sadly, the act has failed, as presidents routinely now engage the military without Congressional consent. This not only disrupts the careful balance of powers established in the Constitution, amassing power for the Executive Branch at the expense of the Congressional, it embroils us in foreign issues contrary to the will of the people.