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I agree completely with #4.  War doesn't lead to peace.  Sooner or later it leads to more war.  WWI led to WWII.  Every time there has been war in the Middle East, it has led to further war.  People will never be able to agree on everything, and that would make for a boring world.  But they can find common ground.

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No, war is not necessary for peace. What's necessary for peace is for people to increase their ability to solve problems diplomatically and for us to increase our general intelligence. War may be able to resolve a particular situational conflict, but it can't offer a lasting peace. People will always have conflict. Just as in relationships - arguments don't solve problems, dialogue and compromise do.
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Orwell says in 1984 that "War is peace" and if you follow it to conclusion you see that war distracts people and gives them a common enemy.  This keeps folks at home focused on external things, so they don't see what their government is doing and don't question the government.  Case in point: The Patriot Act!

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It's hard to know if it really is true, but it seems that way.  At least, the threat of war and the possibility of war seems to be necessary in order for us to have peace.  It seems that we human beings are only willing to live peacefully with one another if there is the threat that we will be harmed if we try to harm others.