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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In my opinion, war is justified under certain circumstances.  For example, the United States was justified in going to war after Japan attacked us in World War II.  There was no other realistic option in that case.  In World War I, we also were justified in going to war. When a country takes action against your country and causes death and/or other harm, going to war is a legitimate course of action when other forms of diplomacy fail.  In World War I, we would have avoided war if Germany continued to honor the Sussex Pledge.  When the Germans began sinking our ships without warning, in violation of international law, going to war was a justifiable action.  Basically, when a country refuses to stop harming your country and/or killing your people, it is acceptable to use war as an option after diplomacy fails to resolve the dispute.  Thus, our involvement in the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Korean War, and the war on terror would be examples of times when war was a justifiable action. There are times when using war as an instrument of foreign policy is acceptable.

nickabob101 | Student

Very true, however, there were some actions that, the US for say, were not quite justifiable. Yes, the main reason why the US joined World War II was because of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, back in 1941, but there is also how they ended the war, against the Japanese. Was dropping atomic bombs on populated civilized cities really necessary? Why not target the Japanese military bases, the Long Cape Naval base, which happened to be one of Japan's largest naval base at the time? They did attack the Kure, roughly 13-17 says before the bombing of the two cities, but why didn't they keep going to the others, instead of dropping a deadly weapon on innocent people? I understand that the Americans were very desperate to end the war as fast as they could, because they knew the Japanese would give it their all, since they are known to be fighters, and to never give up. But this is all one specific event, I'm sure there are other events, which could be debated, but for now, I understand what you're saying. Thank you for your help mkoren, I truly do mean it.