If I wanted to be in As You Like It, what would I have to have on the stage?

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Because your screen name is "tinamama18", I am assuming that you are female. If that is true, and if you wanted to play a role in a production of As You Like It, you would be cast as either Audrey, Phoebe, Rosalind, or Celia.  These are the only female characters in the play.

Audrey is the minor role of a goatherd;  Phoebe is a shepherdess, another minor role. The only two major roles for females (remembering that, originally, ALL female roles were played by young boys without facial hair, whose voices had not changed), are those of Celia and Rosalind.  Celia is the daughter of Duke Frederick, and Rosalind's dearest friend.  Rosalind, the protagonist of the play, is the daughter of Duke Senior, and one of the leading characters.

Costumes were fairly simple in Shakespeare's time, as compared to today's standards.  Therefore, if you are asking what your costume might be like, both Phoebe and Audrey would be clothed in the simplest, homespun garment, probably somewhat like a tunic.  Perhaps a rope or other cincture would also be worn.

As the daughter's of royalty, Celia and Rosalind would be given fancier apparel, although, even as such, these garments would be of simple design.  Most likely, their costumes would be a long dress of finer, more colorful cloth than that of the minor characters, possibly with a modicum of decoration.  However, there would be little of what we tend to think of as royal robes.

Of course, Rosalind, who disguises herself as Ganymede, the homosexual young male who is Cup Bearer to the God, Zeus, would have a costume change.  This would most likely be a rather scant garment, short, either without sleeves or with fairly short flowing sleeves, and made from a gauze-like material.

"Props" were, again, simple, and were normally mere suggestions.  As the goatherd or shepherdess, you might carry a shepherd's crook (staff) used for herding the animals.

Other than a costume and the barest necessities of props, you would not likely have anything else on the stage, other than the most meager and sparse of set pieces, sometimes some footlights, and the other actors.

If these remarks do not duly respond to the tenor of your inquiry, please restate your needs with greater specificity.  I will then be more than happy to attempt a more complete and useful response.

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