The Garden Party: And Other Stories Questions and Answers
by Katherine Mansfield

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I want to write a good thesis statement for "the garden party" about the relationship between the rich and poor in the story.Can you please help me?

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I believe that many students cause themselves problems and even writer's block by trying to come up with a thesis statement before they have written their paper. A thesis statement comes first in a paper--but it doesn't have to be written first. And anyway, your first attempt at formulating a thesis statement does not have to be the final one. You should just say the words, as E. B. White once advised. Don't try to make it sound graceful or pretty. Just try to get your general idea down in words, regardless of how many words it takes. Then ask yourself if that's what you really mean. And if it isn't, rewrite it. The best writing is rewriting. If you haven't written your paper yet but are just stuck on the thesis statement, forget about the thesis statement and write the paper--or write as much of the paper as you can. Your thesis statement might be hidden in your paper.

You say in your question that "The Garden Party" is about the relationship between rich and poor. What is that...

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