Lord of the Flies Questions and Answers
by William Golding

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Jack caused the ultimate downfall of the boys on the island in Lord of the Flies. What would be a good thesis statement to support this argument? I'm trying to relate that, in in the real world, if one bad person has the power to control, it can dissolve a whole society.

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 You have the makings of a good thesis statement when you say

One bad person who has the power to control can dissolve a whole society.

Now go on to explain the link with Lord of the Flies. Remember that your statement must be supported throughout your essay with references that confirm it.

Jack is the very personification of evil and has a desire to control at all costs. Right from the beginning he feels that he is the natural leader

I ought to be chief, said Jack with simple arrogance, because I’m chapter chorister and head boy. I can sing C sharp

and feels usurped when he is not chosen: 

"Hands up," said Jack strongly, "whoever wants Ralph not to be chief?"

Jack is shocked when the boys do not rally round him to the point that he feels that Ralph is responsible for the embarrasment he is now experiencing. He will never forgive Ralph and this thought drives him to seek revenge. Jack certainly has a power over the boys that is dangerous and out of control. 

During the assembly Jack fully abandons the rules and codes of society. He promotes anarchy among the boys, leading them on a disorganized hunt for an imaginary beast.

Having been unable to kill a piglet earlier, at one point Jack displays his viciousness in the killing of a pig. He decapitates a sow and hangs the bloody head on a stick - the Lord of the Flies! 

Jack knows these are just boys looking for direction and knows they will respond to what seems exciting, turning them into an anonymous mob of fighters who can wound and kill without fear of being singled out as guilty.

Jack is the first of the older boys to recognize potential in the possibility of there being a beast. Fear is again his greatest tool to manipulate.Now he has an even better reason for hunting and

a means of keeping the littluns under his control.

Jack becomes so powerful that even Ralph can no longer survive and is likely to be smoked out and killed - except that they are rescued.

Most definitely a dissolution of society. Obviously things could be different if it were adults.

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