What is a summary for the poetry collection And the Sun Still Dared to Shine by the author Peter C. Scheponik?

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And the Sun Still Dared to Shine, by Peter C. Scheponik, is a collection of poems about the Holocaust, making this a piece of Holocaust literature.

The poems are a "memorial" to the victims of the Holocaust, a time when approximately six million people, particularly Jews, were murdered by Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich in and around Germany in World War II.

This collection is similar to poet Charles Reznikoff's 1975 book Holocaust, which used only language from...

...U.S. government records of the Nuremberg Trials and English-translated transcripts of the Adolph Eichmann trial in Jerusalem.

Scheponik's collection of poetry is distinct in that the author has himself written the poems based on "historical documentation" of accounts of those who lived through this genocide. The book maintains its credibility in that it is never sentimental: it conveys historical stories of those who witnessed the Holocaust first-hand. The poems...

...flow together to form a highly imagistic, historical memory.

It is a "living history" written to honor those harmed or killed during this time—it memorializes all those who died in Hitler's attempt to exterminate the Jews and other disenfranchised and marginalized cultures.

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