Life in the Iron Mills Questions and Answers
by Rebecca Harding Davis

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What is a brief summary of the short story "Life in the Iron Mills, by Rebecca Harding Davis?

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"Life in the Iron Mills" is a realist short story about two people living in poverty in the 19th Century, and how their desire for wealth harms their future.

A young, hunchbacked woman, Deborah Wolfe, brings lunch to her cousin Hugh at the iron mill where he works. She and he are alike, working people with little time to think on the future and only the constant, crushing jobs at hand to occupy their lives. Hugh loves Deborah, as she loves him, but he has an artistic soul, and is preoccupied with visions of beauty. Hugh finds Deborah's hunch repulsive, but ignores it to spare her feelings. A group of visiting upper-class men find a statue Hugh built from the cast-off korl from the iron...

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