I want a summary of the characters of the play 'Romeo and Juliet.'  

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sullymonster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

See the listed links below for detailed information.  Here is a quick summary of the important players in the story:

Romeo - son of the Montagues; most likely in late teens; sensitive, and falls in love easily - starts out loving Rosaline, then switches to Juliet.

Juliet - daughter of the Capulets; 14 years old; polite and obliging to her parents, but definitely has a mind of her own, and is able to put Romeo in his place.

Mercutio - older friend of Romeo and cousin to the Prince; intelligent and whimsical, likes to party and experience life, has a strong sense of pride.

Benvolio - cousin of Romeo; friendly and helpful, loyal, but peace-loving; doesn't buy into the whole "feud"

Nurse - Juliet's nanny; has a bawdy sense of humor and is loyal to Juliet, which is not helpful in the long run.

Friar Laurence - minister who counsels Romeo and Juliet, helping them in their love because he is so desperate to end the "feud"

Tybalt - cousin to Juliet; hot-headed and hates the Montagues, always looking for a fight; he kills Mercutio and Romeo kills him.

Escalus - the Prince of Verona who is also desperate to end the feud; his decree of 'death to those who fight' is what sends Romeo into hiding after the death of Tybalt.

Paris - cousin of the Prince; polite and wealthy, and looking to marry Juliet.

Apothecary - sells Romeo the poison.