What are some manifest and latent functions of school education?

The manifest functions of school education include providing students with an intellectual framework, imparting practical skills, and conveying society's values. Latent functions include socialization with peers and conformity to norms.

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The greatest manifest function of a school education is to get an education. It is to acquire the skills needed in order to read and compute on a basic level in order to either join the workforce or go on to higher education. While it is best if this education is reinforced at home through parental involvement in the education process, academic education is expected to take place within a school and is led by a qualified teacher or group of teachers in order to provide the child a background in math, science, and the humanities.

The next important manifest function is discipline. The child is expected to conform to the school day routine of getting up early in the morning to attend and going home in the afternoon. The child is also expected to do the work of each day; children who do not work are punished according to the rules of the school.

Latent functions are unintended but equally important. The child learns time management and how to work with deadlines—this is especially true...

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