Please help me to write a poem that reflects the message, theme and the plot of Eveline by James Joyce.

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In the short story Eveline, part of a collection contained in Dubliners by James Joyce, Eveline is the main character who has an enormous life-changing decision to make. Choices define the future but Eveline is almost paralysed by indecision as she remembers her promise to her late mother.  

When considering writing a poem, you need to think about your own preferred style. Do you want your poem to rhyme? Should it have a fast or slow pace to reveal Eveline's conflict? Will it build to a final conclusion or will it start with her decision to stay and then take the reader back? Therefore, you must write a poem considering all these possibilities and your preferences. For example, 


Dust from familiar objects

Distant country

Respect is assured


A right to happiness

These are words that you can build on in creating your own poem.

To help you further; think about Joyce's message as Eveline must make this enormous decision to stay or go. She has basically no prospects if she stays but feels trapped. You could name your poem "Not A Wholly Undesirable Life" which reveals Eveline's thoughts as she contemplates her life so far. You could also consider calling it "Escape" depending on whether you are focusing on her going or staying. 

Think about how you feel when you read this story and you will be able to write your own successful poem. Good luck! 

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