i want sites where i can i practiced for my georgrahy final exams for grade 9i want sites where i can i practiced for my georgrahy final exams for grade 9

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
Many textbooks have companion web sites with study guides and sample questions. Look in the front of your textbook, or possibly on the back cover. You can also just type in the name of the textbook into a search engine. Often you will need a code.
ami489 | Student

Depends what exam board it is,

geographyatthemovies.co.uk is good! not sure if you can get on it though as i am from the UK.


epollock | Student

I wasn't clear about the question. It is almost impossible to list sites for specific people because I know that what you study in your grade 9 class is not what we study at our school. So to be more precise is not possible unless you give us some items that will be on the exam.

habla | Student

no i want a site where i can just have an example of final exams of grade 9 in general

epollock | Student


Some of the best known geography web sites are:

1) Google Local

In addition to clear maps and driving directions, Google Local provides aerial photos of places across the United States. It even provides hybrid maps that include satellite images with a map data overlay.

2) Flags of the World

Not only do you have thousands of images of flags, both modern and historical, but FOTW provides the stories of how those flags came to be. You can even use FOTW to track geopolitical changes in a place.

3) NationMaster.com

NationMaster.com is a site filled with an incredible amount of international statistics and information.

4) Geohive

GeoHive is the most comprehensive population data resource on the Internet.

5) PCL Map Collection

The PCL Map Collection is a huge collection of scanned paper maps on the Internet. Most of the maps are public domain maps from the CIA.

6) World Climate

World Climate is an extensive database of climate data for places around the world.

7) CIA World Fact Book

Published on-line for the last 15 years, the annual CIA World Fact book contains extensive profiles for every country and territory on the planet - 271 entries in all. From population to economics, if you want specific information about a place, this is the source.

8) The US Census Bureau