I want a simple summary for the poem "Wander-thirst" (by Gerald Gould).

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jameadows eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Here is a simple summary of the poem: The poet feels the call to explore the globe from east to west and to follow the sun, sea, and sky. The poet likens this wanderlust to a kind of illness that forces him to say goodbye to his home and loved ones. He does not know where he will go, but he will use the sun and stars to guide him. Once he starts on this journey, there is no end in sight, as the rivers, birds, and roads urge him to go on. Just as ships are constantly docking and leaving, the narrator might return home but be obliged to leave home again, as he is constantly pulled away from home to see the sights of the world--including the sun, stars, road, and sky. 

shwethak | Student

This poem is written by Gerald Louis Gould(1885-1936) and  he was broughtup in Norwich.He was an English writer,essayist,journalist and a poet.In the very first beginning he personifies the east and west as the limitations of a persons thought and imagination.His desire,quest or the unquenching thirst to gain knowledge does not let him be fixed to one place for a long time.This natural call from within is forcing him to bid goodbye to all of his friends and family members.Even the nature around him like the sea,sky,the stars are tempting him to explore new horizons,unseen lands.His voyage is completely uncertain.Its always the old and tired voyagers who come back to the shore or harbour after gaining their share of wisdom.Whereas the young and the new ones set out to the sea to quench their thirst for knowlege.At last he does tell us of the uncertainity of his return and if it happens so then all of his responsibilities must be handed over to the beauties of nature like the stars,the sky, the roads etc.He feels as if the nature is whispering on to him to come and explore its beauties.