i want a simple summary for the poem called the muddle-head by S.Marshak

aszerdi | Student

The Muddle-head  by the Russian poet S. Marshak begins by introducing a character whom the narrator lables a muddlehead, or unitelligent individual. He fails to complete actions that are logical or natural to regular people. He puts his clothes on wrong. He even places a saucepan and butter on his head. One day he goes to the train station thinking that he will go on vacation for a week which frightens the conductor. He then rushes into a cafe to buy a train ticket while asking to buy cafe food at the ticket office. Rather than getting on a train, he enters a carraige receiving repairs. He falls asleep several times. Each time he wakes up he finds his surrounding to be familiar but thinks he is in another city. Each time he is told he is still in Petushkee. He ends the poem discontent stating "that's no way to treat a man!" The narrator concludes the poem by repeating the first two lines of the poem: "What a muddle head was he, That man who lived in Petushkee!"