What would be featured in a short and descriptive text that summarizes the significance of the American Revolution?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The original question had to be edited down.  This would have to be addressed in the broadest of contexts.  Legions of books and articles have been written on the American Revolution, testament to the intricate and complex nature of the event.  Any summary of the American Revolution's significance would have to include the idea that the Colonists demonstrated the need and power to have one's voice validated.  The Colonists fight primarily because of their voice being silenced by the British.  The imposition on the economic rights and political rights of the Colonists through British acts and laws help to make it clear that when a group's rights feel violated and they unify on a cohesive enough level to demand change, some transformation will occur.  At the same time, the Revolution demonstrates how powerfully military knowledge and savvy of terrain is in the determination of success.  The British did not know the terrain of North America as well as the Colonists did.  This "home field advantage" proved to be essential in winning the war for the Colonists.  When any group is fighting for their own homeland, their resolve for victory cannot be underestimated.  The American Revolution demonstrates this.  Finally, I would suggest that one of the most significant elements about the American Revolution is how so little of the fabric of American Society changed as a result of the Revolution.  The idea of seeking greater rights and enfranchising more people into the political process was not exactly evident in post- Revolution America.  Women were not legally recognized and were not socially improved.  Their sacrifices in the war were not really rewarded. The silencing of Native Americans still continued with even more intensity.  Finally, the lack of abolition of slavery condemned millions of Black Americans to live in a nation that exacted so much from them without giving much in way of return.  In this, one of the most significant elements of the Revolution becomes how little ends up changing after the British are removed from power.