I want to prepare a presentation on "Maintenance Management System" in industry (Auto parts manufacturing). We manufacture Shock Absorbers etc.

krishna-agrawala | Student

Maintenance management is a vast field. It will not be wise to try to cover the entire field of maintenance management in one presentation. At best, you may be able to cover adequately just an overview of maintenance management. This type of overview is not dependent much on the nature of industry.

Further the maintenance management system is designed on the basis of manufacturing process and the manufacturing equipments used, rather than on the product manufactured. However to make the presentation interesting for the participants you can draw examples from your shock absorb manufacturing plat to illustrate the concepts covered.

The overview of maintenance management in your presentation could cover points such as the following.

  • What is maintenance management. This is, of course, the management activities connected with ensuring that any facilities and used in an organization are kept in suitable working condition efficiently and effectively.
  • Objectives of Maintenance management: This will include different sets of objectives such as availability of equipment maintained, state of condition of equipment maintained, Utilization of maintenance personnel and other facilities, level of maintenance service to the users of equipment, and costs of maintenance.
  • Different types of maintenance. This will include different types of maintenance such as repair maintenance, preventive maintenance, and replacement maintenance.
  • Overview of procedures essential for effective and efficient maintenance., and management information system for maintenance management.
  • An overview of how decision support systems may be used in maintenance management.
  • Organization for maintenance management
rebeccajames | Student

Hi there,

There is a great deal of information from Maintenance Management System providers available on the web which would be a good (if slighty biased) place to start.  I've linked a couple of whitepapers which may be of use - particularly the one entitled 'The Future of CMMS' as this looks at the benefits of using systems in today's high pressure manufacturing environment.  Another great source of information is case studies, to see how different companies apply their systems. 

Would you be looking to provide additional information/ further reading pointers on the alternative solutions available?  Particularly in the Automotive industries, integrated CMMS and OEE Systems are proving preferred solutions as they support TPM and other lean manufacturing initiatives, discovering the loss structure of the plant and assisting with putting preventive maintenance measures in place to minimise lost production opportunity.  It may be of interest so I've posted another link which would be of use.

Good luck with your presentation,


etelani | Student

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