i want to play boy george im a girl people say no should i be-alive in my own self

Expert Answers
jseligmann eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The public persona, Boy George, was born with the name George Alan O'Dowd in 1961 in South London, England. He is rather eccentric in the way he looks and dresses, and is instantly noticeable as an original personality. His looks are very much the outward, visual expression of a very musically creative individual. Along with this creativity, however, numerous person problems, especially his addiction to drugs, have made life, at times, quite difficult and problematic for Boy George.

When you say that you want to "play Boy George," what  do you mean? Do you want to dress like him? That shouldn't be much of a problem because he dressed a lot like a girl. It may be somewhat difficult to be a girl who plays a boy who dresses like a girl, but it's been done before. Ever see the movie "Victor Victoria?"

The question, though, is why do you want to play someone else, other than in a play, or in a movie? Boy George is an original; he's his own invention. Perhaps you would be better off discovering and developing your own, unique self... tap into the source of your own creativity. Rather than trying to be like someone else, discover, enhance, and be proud of who you are. An original is always better and more respected than an imitation.

besure77 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Boy George certainly had his own unique sense of style. He was a very creative person and was not afraid to be himself openly.

Are you talking about playing Boy George in perhaps a play? If you are then I do not see anything wrong with that. Women have played the roles of men before in several plays and movies. Boy George was very feminine so a woman playing the role may be a good thing.

If you are saying that you have a connection to Boy George and want to follow his creativeness then I would have to agree with the previous post. You definitely need to find your own identity. Boy George is Boy George-you are you!