I want many reasons which support this idea " women should not marry and study at the same time " I want holy debate because my teacher said that all students should talk more than 4 minutes

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I personally do not believe that this is true.  My wife continued in college and graduate school after we married and that worked fine.  But here are arguments both ways:

  • If a woman is married she should concentrate on having a family and taking care of them.  There is no way that a woman can properly care for children if she is trying to get a degree.
  • But this is an old-fashioned idea.  Women do not have to have children right away.  And there is no reason that women should have to bear all the burden of rearing the children.
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I assume the purpose of this discussion is to choose a topic that is difficult to debate in a positive manner. The idea that any woman is unable to study and marry simultaneously sounds like it came from the Victorian era when females were considered so delicate and emotionally unstable that two important events were not possible for them to undertake. I think the idea is ridiculous. Having been involved in several relatives' recent weddings, I understand that the ceremony and preparation are emotionally trying and may conflict with school and studies, but a woman with a good head on her shoulders should be able to deal with both. Good luck gathering some positive examples.

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