I want to know why the Nurse changed her mind about Romeo. Why did she support Juliet's marriage to Paris, not Romeo?

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rainbowcrayon eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Up until this point in the play, Juliet's Nurse has been very supportive of Juliet's decision to marry Romeo and has helped Juliet to put the plan into action. However, after Lord Capulet's outrage at Juliet's refusal to marry Paris, the Nurse takes a different stance. It seems that she wants to protect Juliet. Capulet has declared that if Juliet refuses to marry Paris, then Capulet will disown her and the Nurse doesn't want that to happen to the girl she has raised, and loves as her own daughter.

The Nurse suggests that Juliet marry Paris because this would keep Juliet in Capulet's good favour, and provide for her in life. After Romeo's banishment, it seems unlikely that he could ever provide this for Juliet, and the Nurse doesn't want to see Juliet living on the streets or leaving Verona. Only a few people know of Romeo and Juliet's marriage, so the Nurse proposes that they could pretend that it never took place, and Juliet can marry Paris, and live happily ever after. It seems that the Nurse doesn't understand the depth of Juliet's love for Romeo.

It is the protective streak in the Nurse, and her love for Juliet that leads her to suggest this solution, however, Juliet wants nothing of it. She loves Romeo too much to ever marry someone else. Therefore, the Nurse loses Juliet's confidence, and Juliet seeks help from the Friar.

isis-lenore | Student

The Nurse changes her mind about Juliet’s marriage arrangements because, she loves Juliet like a daughter, and sees the destructive effect Romeo’s love has on her and her future lifestyle. The Nurse understands that while Juliet may not love Paris, like Romeo, she would have stability, family, and a future with a gentler, more survivable, kind of love.

jess111 | Student

Well because i think the nurse wantedt to keep both romeo and juliet safe

they both died because they were never ment to be together

candyx | Student

the nurse wanted to protect juliet she i think she also didnt want romeo to get hurt