i want to know,, if where really it started our values in  life?im a little bit confused about it...?  nothing

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The usual advice is to live in the present. The past is behind you, and the future seems too far away to think about. Our current moments, as they say, are all we have. Generally, that’s good advice…but there are times when thinking ahead can be valuable

If your goals are vague, and you don’t put enough energy into establishing what they are, then you’ll find yourself losing focus before you even have a chance to succeed.

When you think ahead, you see those opportunities. You also have a chance to pursue them. 
Every day, you experience something new, and often that distracts you from your priorities rather than suggests new approaches to achieving your aims

Take notice of people who think quickly on their feet in meetings. You may be impressed and think to yourself: these people are really clever.

It's important to know what personal values we want to achieve in life, on and off the job. Then we can make career choices that help us meet the most possible of these values. Making an initial list of our values is usually the easy part. Most of us can come up with a long list. The real challenge - the tough part of determining values - comes in the choices we have to make in setting our priorities, in deciding which values we will give up or trade off when we face inevitable contradictions.



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