What sound effects are in "The Tyger" by William Blake?

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One of the notable aspects of this incredible poem is the relentless energy of the tiger that is described and how it is matched in the relentless energy and pace of the poem. Sound effects are incredibly important to this poem, as the rhythm helps create the sound effects that make this so memorable. In addition, you would do well to pay attention to the impact of parallelism, which is the repetition of structure, on the poem. Consider the following stanza:

What the hammer? What the chain?

In what furnace was they brain?

What the anvil? What dread grasp

Dare its deadly terrors clasp?

If you read this stanza out aloud you will see that the parallelism in the repeated structure of “What the…” helps to quicken the pace and lend urgency to the poem as the speaker rushes on to consider the origin of this fascinating and terrifying creature which is so full of energy and life. You might also like to consider the impact of the rhyme scheme on the poem and how it sounds as well.

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