What are three points of crisis in "A Rose for Emily".please point-form

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kwoo1213 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One point of crisis would involve Emily's struggle with her past. Her father exercised such control of her that it forever changed her views on attachment and love.  She tended to cling to those she loved because she did not want to lose them.  Another point of crisis would be when Homer Barron and Emily begin "dating."  This is a huge scandal in the town because Homer is a working class man and Emily is "upper class," so to speak, and she is admonished for seeing someone below her class.  He also prefers the "company of men," so this is also controversial.  A third point of crisis would be when Homer disappears.  The town assumes that perhaps he and Emily have gotten married and that they are reclusive; however, we later learn that he is actually dead and has been stashed in her attic for a very long time.

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