I want to know that the name of the medicine what can be taller of human body

triarose | Student

Technically, if administered to a growing child, human growth hormone (HGH) has been known to encourage a very limited bone growth.  A child may grow a few extra inches.  However this is a very costly treatment and generally only recommended in specific instances.  For example, people with rare medical conditions


The cost for each half-inch is at least $18,000, which limits availability to the general public.  Normally, extremely short, healthy children only gain up to three inches.  There is also little evidence to support that it improves quality of life for the average child who does not have one of the aforementioned rare conditions.


iamdrix | Student

There is no medicine that will help you grow any taller. You grow naturally and when you hit the age of 18, your body stops growing. But if your parents are both tall, there is a high possibility on becoming tall, too. If both are short, low possibility may occur. 

amysor | Student

There is no medicine that makes you taller. There are plastic surgeys in East Asia that can make you taller, but very risky. The only thing that can help is if your bone age is significant lower, your doctor can out you on growth hormones. It help you grow, but it is gradual and only can be done in certain circumstances. 

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