I want to know more about Capet Dinasty , from 987 - 1180 .

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Early Capets: 987-1180

When Louis V died, the great nobles turned to Hugh Capet to be their king. Hugh Capet was elected king as the other nobles believed that he will not be tough enough to lead France to control the great feudal lords, in fact, he ensured his election by offering much of the lands he possessed to noble electors.
Although the great French feudal probably had the slightest desire to install Capets as the dynasty of France, Hugh Capet crowned and his greatest son almost immediately after his king appointment, join him to his reign. Capets then sent the crown from father to son, through a direct male line until 1328.
First Capets remained faithful to the principles of feudal, but instead they were new-built royal administration, this thing becaming evident during the 1040s. However, in the late eleventh century, William the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy, and Hugo the Great, abbot of the monastery of Cluny, although vassals of Philip I (1060-1108), were much stronger than him.
Philip's successor, Louis VI (1108-1137), consolidated the royal power for good in Ile-de-France, region around Paris which was the original feud of Capets. Here, he systematically repressed all oppositions to feudal royal government. He also made his son, the future Louis VII, to be raised to abbey Saint-Denis, in northern Paris and that he married Eleanor, heiress Aquiatniei duchy in 1137. Eleanor possessions were far more extensive than the Île de France, and through his wife, Louis VII won control of large areas between the river Loire and the Pyrenees. In 1147, Louis went on crusade, taking her with him. While he was in the sacred land ,it is rumored that Eleanor has committed adultery. Since this marriage was not pleasant either for king or queen and as the queen had not brought to the world no heir to the throne, the two husbands have asked the pope to annul the marriage, application granted in 1152.

Two months later, Eleanor was marrying to Henry, Count of Anjou and Duke of Normadia, which in 1154 became king of England under the name of Henry II. In this way Aquiataia passed from French to the English crown. Therefore, at that time, King of England possessions in France were higher than the king of France himself.